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Small Website

Small Website

What is a small website?

Well, the official definition of a small website is
"A minisite is a particular kind of website that has a smaller footprint on the Internet, and that exists for the specific purpose of marketing an individual product or service, or for achieving a particular goal using a small number of customized Web pages."

All well, and that said, what kind of small websites(minisites) are there?

As mentioned above, the small website can be a one-page website. The name says it all. А one-page website is a website containing only one page, and that is the homepage. All of the necessary information on the homepage is divided into different sections. There is also the contact form and all other contact information. It is simple and very user-friendly. It perfectly serves the purpose as it provides all information for the specific company, service or product on this page. It is also a cost-efficient solution for small businesses as it is not as time-consuming to develop as other websites.

The other kind of a small website is a website containing between 5 and 10 pages. This is also useful for small businesses as they can provide a page with their services or their services separated on different pages. They can also place various image galleries on the other pages, contact forms, inquiries, and so on. It all depends on what the business desire.

IMPORTANT!!! A small website(minisite), or info website, is not an e-commerce website. On this type of website, you can not sell products. So the approach to developing an e-commerce website is different.

The methods and platforms of building a small website.

Well there are many ways that we can build a website but the preferred methods and platforms for us as as follows:

image of html,css,jquery and php logos Developing a small website with pure HTML/CSS/Javascript and some PHP

This method might be a bit more time-consuming than the following method of developing a small website, but we also have great benefits as the website will be lightning-fast because it won't load unused files and code.

However, it has some drawbacks as with this method the owner won't be able to edit the content himself, upload image galleries and do some other simple customizations as this type of development doesn't give the owner of the website an admin panel where all that can be done.

This type of website is for you if you don't want to be messing with your small website and edit information in it.

wordpress logo The other preferred method from us is developing a small website based on the opensource platform WordPress

With this method, you will receive all the features of the platform WordPress with an admin panel where you can edit information on your website in the future. We will also provide you with a catalog from which we can purchase the theme(The design of your website) for your website. Once that is done, we will set up everything for you and depending on the agreement we have, we will either leave you to input the information(all of the data has to be provided by you), or we will do that for you. Once that is done, we can finally analyze your small website and do some SEO magic to it.

Why would you need a small website?

In this day and age, a business, no matter its size of it, should have a website. A website represents the business and gives it a place on the web where we all browse and search for all kinds of stuff every single day. Moreover, the website provides all of the information about the business so its clients can find it easy, research the services of the particular company, and contact it easier for a simple quote, for example, and so on. Therefore, a website for your business, even a small one, is a must nowadays.

As we love to say,
"Let's walk this path together."

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