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Online Store

Online Store

What is an online store (e-commerce website)?

In a few words, an online store is a website where the users can view lists of products or services. The store has a shopping cart, checkout process, and different payment methods. Once the user has chosen its goods, they can be added to the shopping cart and processed as an order via the checkout process. Once done, a new order has been placed in the online store (e-commerce website) admin panel.

The methods and platforms of building an online store (e-commerce website).

wordpress logo There are many ways to build this kind of website, but for us, the preferred method is using an open-source platform. The platform we are working with is Opencart. Please read more about it HERE.

With that said, we can migrate any existing store with all its information to Opencart if you have a current store. If you don't have an existing store, we will set up a brand new Opencart for you and start from there.

Once the store is all set and done, you have to choose the look of your website. You can purchase a theme from different marketplaces, buy our own theme from here, or we can create a fully custom theme for your store.

Next, you can choose different modules to suit your needs. Then, you can again buy them from other marketplaces, from our modules, or we can develop a fully custom module for you.

wordpress logo Then comes one of the most critical parts, where we will optimize your site for SEO purposes. First, we would need to clear a few things before we optimize it, but we will do that in the process.

What's next?

When all of the above is acomplished and the website is up and running as it should we can continue working together to improove different parts of the website slowly. If you are working with a marketing company we will complete there requests regarding the website and its improovement.

As we love to say,
"Let's walk this path together."

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