Banner design

Banner Design

Why your banners need to be a good quality and with a lot of though

Having a good quality banners is a must especially when you are paying for facebook and google campaigns. A good banners will draw visitors to your website so you can introduce to them your business, products or services. These visitors are your potential customers especially if you have a good quality website as well.

For us creating a banner is a serious task as we think a lot for the impact which it will have on the users. It’s very important to place specific object on specific places, to make specific letters capital and others not, to make them all capital, to choose wisely the background image and the slogan for the banner. That is the message we send to everybody who see this banner.

Let’s don’t forget of course the banners for the actual website where we will be sending the users. Those website banners will continue to guide the users exactly where we want them to.

The conclusion from all of the above is that your banners, no matter for a campaign or for your website, need to be a good quality and to have a lot of thought into them.