Logo design

Logo Design

The Identity of youR BRAND

A LOGO is the identity of your brand. Once your business is grow the only thing people will recognize you will be simple your logo like the examples that we have given you to the both sides of this text. We are speaking for the famous brands like facebook, twitter, android etc.

Creating a logo can be easy and hard. It all depends on the idea that the client will give us, on the good description of the services he provides or a good description of the product he offers. Once we have the clear information of the mentioned above we will focus and create an amazing logo for you which will represent your business worldwide.

How you can order your logo design?

  1. Contact us via our contact from and give us a bit of information how you visualize your logo.
  2. We will contact you and send you a contract which will require 50% advance payment before we can start working on the project.
  3. Then we will start developing the concept design/s depending on the plan that you have chosen.
  4. We will have discuss the concept design/s with you and make corrections on them if necessary.
  5. We will send you the logo in vector and raster format ready for print, billboard, advert or other, after receiving the rest of the payment stated in the contract.